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The partner journey

The partner journey
Ah, packing a backpack and suitcase is one of my least favorite tasks when head out on a journey. And traveling overseas was a new adventure. So before heading to South Africa for a two- week ministry trip I asked questions.
A lot of them.
Wanting to avoid extra costs for overweight luggage or oversized carry-ons required making multiple decisions. From travel experts, the medical community. Our airline and contacts in South Africa. Others traveling with me. Because of those conversations, I added items to my suitcase before heading to the airport.
At the same time… as a result of those conversations, I removed items. Stepping onto the plane I felt ready.
While there were unexpected glitches during the journey, I felt informed, aware, prepared. I knew my resources, among them those traveling with me.
That’s the purpose of this spot on Life is Ahead. To help you make sure you know what to put in – or keep out – of your suitcase. To remind you we’re here – still on a journey. We’ve learned a few things along the way, and we’re aware we’ll learn more in the days ahead.
You’ve learned some things too, haven’t you? Dr. Barb Steffen’s comments (below) describe what I know to be true about partners. We are resourceful! Resilient. By the time partners find my website, most already visited multiple partner or sex addiction websites, read books and watched videos. (If your search is still fairly new, head over to the partner resource page. It includes a range of resources.)
Found a helpful resource not listed on the page? I’d love to hear about it! Contact me here.
Coach Sarah Morales provides five things you'll need to help get you started.


5 Things to Get You Started

Coach Catherine Etherington provides a trail marker to guide you along the way.

Betrayal trauma recovery

Like most journeys, you'll probably have questions along the way
When heading into unfamiliar territory, my GPS often serves as a trustworthy navigator. Until it doesn't. Like when it offers different routes to my destination and I don't know which route is best. I've learned my best option is to ask questions, and when possible, ask  an expert.
That's true for the partner journey too.  On her Beyond Betrayal website, author Lisa Taylor answered the top 10 questions she heard from wives/partners, as well as from a previous series on her website. The series, titled "Ask the Experts," featured questions from partners answered by partner trauma expert, Dr Barbara Steffens and sex addiction experts (including Jason Martinkus).
To read the questions/answers, click on the pdf icon
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