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Peer facilitators: Becoming first line responders in sexual betrayal trauma recovery

In describing the place peer facilitators hold in helping partners move forward in their healing journeys, co-author "Your Sexually Addicted Spouse How Partners Can Cope and Heal" and APSATS founder, Dr. Barbara Steffens, wrote:

“Partners can begin to heal and flourish in community. Unfortunately, the needs for partner communities is only increasing, and there is a limited number of people adequately trained to facilitate this safe, healing space in group settings. Well-trained and passionate peer group facilitators are perfect for meeting such a need in the majority of cases. Peer facilitators can provide support, encouragement, education, and safe space for partners to explore what they need to heal and to grow. I dream of having these types of groups/safe spaces in every faith, community, and even therapeutic setting to be front line "first responders" as well as on-going support safe spaces.

It takes a village!"

Regardless of where they serve training is essential for 'first responders' to effectively fulfill their role.

Perhaps you are considering becoming a partner’s group facilitator. Kristin Cary, co-founder Living Truth Ministries, shares her thoughts when selecting facilitators for their continually expanding partners’ groups. “Readiness to lead involves being in a stable place, having processed much of their mourning and remembrance work as well, In general, a year pat the initital crisis (provided it’s not a year full of more crises) can be a good starting point to assess whether a woman is ready to assist with leading. I look for emotional and pyschological health, continued resourcefulness to continue their own healing, and someone who will not over-spiritualize or give pat answers. I’m far more included to have a leader who ozzes love and empathy than one who knows everything about the answers.”

If your experience, interest, and passion matches the criteria Kristin describes, ADOH might be the place to explore possibilities. Registration for the next training (May 20) begins May 1. If you are interested, please complete the “Interest Survey” on the Peer Facilitator page. Once completed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

The two hour, 11-weekly sessions are conducted via the Zoom platform.

Training begins Wednesday, May 20

11 am – 1 pm US Central time


7 – 9 pm US Central time

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