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Collaborating and partnering: A core ADOH value

Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit

April 29 - May 21 (2021) San Antonio Texas

As a participant in the first Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit (SILS) in 2018, and a C-SASI board member (C-SASI is partnering with BeBroken Ministries and SILS in offering the Summit) I am looking forward to the presentations AND being together again with colleagues and those from the A Door of Hope community. The Summit site is the First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, and "in person", with all Covid-19 safety measures in place. Schedule (link above to Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit includes schedule, keynote speakers, and breakout presenters.)

Thursday, April 29, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Friday, April 30, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday, May 1, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Early Registration ($199) ends Sunday, February 28

On March 1 the price increases to $249.

Hotels with SUMMIT discounts

To receive the discounts you must use the following links:

Deluxe King Bed for $119 1/2 mile by foot to the venue

Classic King or Classic Two Doubles with Balcony for $129 1/2 mile by foot to the venue

King Bed for $89 1/4 mile by foot to the venue


CEUS for clinicians will be available to those attending Dr. Jake Porter's Saturday presentations on "The Neuroscience of Trauma." Once at the conference, simply let Jake know you're interested in these 3 CEU units (a minimal fee may apply for clinicians). Additionally 10-hour "unofficial" CEUs, which can be used toward C-SASI recertification and are available to any C-SASI member attending the conference. So that's 13 hours of CEUs which can be used toward C-SASI recertification available to everyone.

Conversations from the ADOH community

How do parents' problematic sexual behaviors impact their children?

Living Truth Podcast A Daughter in the Battle: Episode One of Two

Often the traumatic impact of betrayal on the kids is underrated and very few resources exist to support them. You’ll learn so much from hearing Taylor honestly share her experience and the relief she found from not having to cope all alone. For more information about Daughters in the Battle: Groups meet the first Tuesday of every month 7:00 p.m. EST on Zoom! Get more info by joining Living Truth's newsletter

Trauma and spiritual distress

“'Why? If God loves me so much and I’m a good person and I love my kids and I have honored my marriage, what have I done to deserve this?'" Not a Casserole Widow™: The Betrayed Partner’s Faith

With great compassion and wisdom, Kim Petroni (MA- Counseling, Certified Life Coach, APSATS Certified Partner Coach) shares her approach to walking through just one woman's journey with a crisis of faith.

Redeeming Power Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church

"So done with denial of church abuse today!" Because we've had conversations before about the issue, I wasn't shocked by my colleague's Facebook post statement... or the responses. After years of denying allegations, the International Board of Directors of RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministry) released an open letter announcing the findings of the independent report, and apologized for both the mishandling of allegations, and the additional trauma and harm victims experienced because they did.

Because ADOH is grounded on a trauma-informed foundation, the community holds deep respect for Diane Langberg's sharing of lessons learned during her 40-plus years as a Christian therapist specializing in trauma. Sadly, many from within the ADOH community have experienced spiritual abuse within their church communities, and Diane's books, videos, and work help us understand the steps we need to make to move forward. Her newest book, Redeeming Power Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church, addresses various ways the abuse of power in the church has brought pain to so many.

Two recent videos on the topic. First an interview with Diane and Phil Monroe. Through his kindness, Dr. Phil Monroe offered me a window into the world of becoming trauma-informed, and why a theology of trauma is so important.

Ministry and MeToo Episode 2: The Psychology of Abuse with Dr. Diane Langberg

And now.... wrapping up a potpourri mixture of things... the next ADOH peer facilitator training experience!

Considering the training?

The image below helps you identify your next step. For specifics, click to head to the ADOH Peer facilitator page. Registration opens April 21 and closes May 4.

He has time

If you experienced betrayal or abuse, for one reason or another you understand the healing journey is long and you most likely found help and support along the way IN a safe community. During that long journey, remembering that God is not weary of walking with you, bringing you what you need to continue moving forward.

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