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Giving ourselves permission to shift from Plan A

After posting the "Group Stages and Dynamics (as told by the Fellowship of the Ring?)" blog on September 7, my September Plan A included completing the nine-week series highlighting ADOH training session content THIS weekend. I was thoroughly enjoying the weekly process. Deciding points to highlight for each session and choosing which ADOH alumni comments to include heightened my excitement about the start of the next peer facilitator training, which began September 23.

And then, heading into period leading up to September 23, my focus quickly shifted to not only completing essential tasks while on-boarding new students BUT to preparing for The New England Betrayal Trauma Conference this coming Saturday, October 10. Being part of fulfilling the purpose and vision of the conference clamored for my attention.

About shifting priorities

And so I shifted my priorities. I had to let some important things go including participating in other meaningful personal or professional opportunities.

So I understand... life is complicated. We juggle responsibilities while also taking care of ourselves, our families, and others we hold dear. We look forward to relaxing on weekends or finishing tasks we put off till then. Most likely, you already have plans for this Saturday ... and like mine, important ones. Shifting from Plan A may be impossible for you.

Yet... perhaps, like me, you feel a tug to give yourself permission to let go of something important, shift your plans and join us Saturday. Or, perhaps you'll think of someone who would gain hope by finding a pathway forward, or discover new tools and practices, and connect with others who can help them do so.

The New England Betrayal Trauma Conference

An International Online Event for Betrayed Partners

October 10th, 2020 Time: 9 am to 6 pm US EST 

This women-only event is open to

partners, clinicians, coaches, leaders, family members, and mentors. 

Conference tickets are $99 (breakout sessions included) 


Because these NEBT speakers?

I love them... each one is vulnerable, honest, empathic. We've prayed, cried, and laughed together. They are women of deep yet oh-so-real faith. I've heard their betrayal stories, know the brave, hard work they put into moving forward after the shattering.

I also know much about the passion compelling them to pay the personal and multi-faceted cost to help others move toward experiencing a flourishing life. They acted on the compulsion and passion by completing high level and scope of education and trainings to equip them to excel. The depth of their combined experience - personal and professional - has deeply impacted by life.

I'm confident the sharing of their lives and expertise offered during their presentations will impact yours too.

Schedule of topics covered throughout the day

The way out IS through

The video below offers a window into the journey we'll experience together this coming Saturday.

The way out IS through - and experiencing safe spaces where we can go through together can change your life.

It has mine.

I encourage you to click here For more information, and to register



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